Family settlement action against HSE over alleged negligence causing Mother’s death

The family of a deceased woman in the Midland region settled their medical negligence action against the HSE arising out of the death of their mother from sepsis. It was alleged that the HSE failed in their duty toward the deceased woman who died as a result of sepsis.

The deceased woman was admitted to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda complaining of back pain. The deceased woman was subsequently diagnosed with septic shock. She was treated in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital for three months and then transferred to St James’s. unfortunately, her condition deteriorated, and she passed away as a result.

The deceased’s family pursued a fatal injuries claim through their Solicitors Ms. Fiona Baxter. Proceedings were issued I the High Court against the HSE alleging breaches of duty including failing to diagnosed the deceased’s condition in timely fashion and failing to afford her the appropriate care.

This was a complex case, which involved a huge volume of documentation given the deceased woman was hospitalized for in excess of four months. Expert reports were sourced from the UK highlighting alleged breaches of negligence against the HSE. Settlement talks were explored in early course, and Fiona Baxter and her team obtained an extremely favourable settlement for the deceased’s family.

The litigation was complete within a short period and brought significant closure to the family of the deceased.