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1904, 2023

Pedestrian receives over €250,000 for road traffic accident in Longford

April 19th, 2023|Categories: Articles|

At Galway High Court we negotiated a settlement on behalf of a pedestrian who suffered serious injuries when she was knocked down while walking on a local road. The Injuries Board had previously assessed damages for her injuries at €170.000. Following our advice, the Plaintiff rejected the injuries board assessment

1904, 2023

Plaintiff receives over double the Injuries Board assessment in compensation for Road Traffic Accident in Westmeath

April 19th, 2023|Categories: Articles|

Our office recently settled a Personal Injuries case for a Plaintiff arising out of a road traffic accident near Athlone, County Westmeath in which the Plaintiff suffered soft tissue injuries. The case proceeded by way of an application to the injuries board. The Injuries Board assessed damages in the sum

1706, 2022

Exposure to violent attacks by customers or patients

June 17th, 2022|Categories: Articles, Blog|

All employees in Ireland have the right to work in safe conditions. The onus is on employers to take all appropriate measures to remove hazards and prevent threatening conditions. Unfortunately many employees, even those not working high-risk occupations find themselves victim to personal injury from an assault at work. The

2005, 2022

Road Traffic Accidents Ireland

May 20th, 2022|Categories: Articles|

Year on year, thousands of collisions take place on our roads, causing personal injuries, vehicle damage and in some cases, death. Considering the numbers of accidents that occur, it’s no surprise that road traffic personal injury claims are the most common type of injury claim in Ireland. Being involved

2104, 2022

What Types of Accident and Personal Injury Can I Claim For?

April 21st, 2022|Categories: Articles, Blog|

Suffering due to the other party's negligence can lead to loss of wages, huge medical bills and other significant issues. It is therefore vital to understand the right process of filing for a personal injury claim to get the amount that you deserve. You must understand what cases qualify for

704, 2022

What Is Professional Negligence?

April 7th, 2022|Categories: Articles, Blog|

When you come across a professional with experience in their respective field, you should expect to feel confident in their expertise. But not all professionals are the same. There are some who do their work with complete dedication and commitment and help you solve your problem, but some may be

104, 2022

How Do I Prove Medical Negligence in Ireland?

April 1st, 2022|Categories: Articles, Blog|

Whenever you face any medical emergency, the first thing which would come to your mind is getting it treated by a professional medical practitioner. But sometimes, instead of solving your problem, they may cause further problems due to their negligence during your treatment. In such a case, you can claim

1703, 2022

How Do You Clear a Warrant?

March 17th, 2022|Categories: Articles, Blog|

Life is very uncertain; sometimes, you unknowingly harm another person. In such a case, you may have to bear legal consequences. The person might file a case against you, and a warrant may be issued in your name. Suppose you do not want to go to jail and have a

703, 2022

What Is Fair Compensation for Pain and Suffering?

March 7th, 2022|Categories: Articles, Blog|

In life, sometimes we experience pain and suffering due to the negligence of other people. Such incidents can cause you unforgettable losses. Sometimes this loss is irreversible and can't be quantified. It may not only break your confidence from within but also have an adverse impact on your day-to-day lifestyle.

2502, 2022

Misdiagnosis in Medical Negligence

February 25th, 2022|Categories: Articles, Blog|

Medical misdiagnosis happens more frequently than many expect. It can have lasting impact on a person’s quality of life and life expectancy and a devastating effect on the levels of trust between medical personnel and patients. There are a number of medical negligence solicitors in Longford who can help you

1702, 2022

Getting Rid of an Arrest Warrant

February 17th, 2022|Categories: Articles, Blog|

Getting rid of an arrest warrant is not easy. It is a time-consuming and costly procedure. You will need legal advisers who are aware of the best ways to save you from going to jail. Life is very uncertain, and it is not always possible to plan. You may have

302, 2022

What Happens If You Have an Arrest Warrant From out of State?

February 3rd, 2022|Categories: Articles, Blog|

An arrest warrant is a legal document that a court issues, which provides the police with the right to take specific action against a person. If an arrest warrant is issued for you, you need to take proper measures to resolve the issue and ensure you do not get arrested.

1701, 2022

Road Traffic Accident

January 17th, 2022|Categories: Articles|

Road traffic accidents are unfortunately very common. No day passes without multiple accidents, throughout the country, that range from vehicle damage to passenger or driver injury or even death. And while we can be extremely careful on the road ourselves we have no control over how other drivers behave and

401, 2022

What Is Medical Negligence?

January 4th, 2022|Categories: Articles, Blog|

Medical negligence generally means improper or negligent treatment provided to a patient. This can include negligent care from a physician, or any other healthcare provider. Generally, medical negligence forms the basis for a medical negligence claim, wherein the victim asks for a specific amount from the healthcare provider, who has

1712, 2021

Accidents at Work – do I qualify for personal injury compensation?

December 17th, 2021|Categories: Articles|

Employees in Ireland have many legal protections in the workplace. If you feel you have experienced an injury at work that wasn’t your fault and could have been avoided then get in touch with Baxter Mimnagh Solicitors. Accidents in the workplace are more common than you might think. According to

1811, 2021

Mother and Baby Home Redress Scheme

November 18th, 2021|Categories: Articles|

The Minister for Children Roderic O'Gorman has recently stated that a new financial redress scheme for the survivors of mother-and-baby homes will be the largest in the history of the State in terms of the number of beneficiaries. Source: RTE News Minister O’Gorman estimates that the scheme will payout more

2810, 2021

Welcome to our New Website!

October 28th, 2021|Categories: Articles|

We are proud to present the new website from Baxter Mimnagh. Please have a look around and familiarise yourself with the services we offer. As usual, we are available by phone 24/7 so please get in touch.

2307, 2021

State to reopen redress scheme for school abuse victims

July 23rd, 2021|Categories: Articles|

The state is to reopen redress scheme for school abuse victims. You can read more of the details here in this article from the Irish Times.

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