Slips, trips and falls are among the most common workplace injuries in Ireland. These injuries are often the result of a wet surface, and they can occur in almost all workplace environments as well as indoor public spaces.

The actions you take in the aftermath of a wet floor slip can dictate the success of your wet floor accident claim. Baxter Mimnagh Solicitors assist with wet surface trips claims from their Irish offices in Longford, Dublin and Sligo.

What is a Wet Surface Trip?

Slips can happen when there isn’t enough friction between footwear and a walking surface. A wet floor accident comes about when someone slips, trips and falls as a direct result of a wet floor.

Wet or slippery floors can be particularly hazardous when proper signage is not in place, and accidents can occur in both public spaces and work environments.

As such, employers and public space owners carry a duty of care when it comes to wet floor signs and the provision of safe conditions.

If that responsibility is breached and results in an injury, a wet surface trip claim can often be successful.

How can a Wet Surface Trip be Avoided?

There is a shared responsibility when it comes to wet surface trips. You can reduce your risk of slipping on a wet floor by:

  • Not rushing and paying attention to where you are walking.
  • Slowing yourself to an appropriate walking pace.
  • Wearing suitable footwear.
  • Approaching corners and sharp turns from a wider angle

Employers and public space operators can adhere to their own guidelines in order to avoid wet surface trips. Preventative measures include:

  • Cleaning up spills as quickly as possible.
  • Marking wet surface areas with proper signage.
  • Clearing walkways and removing dangerous obstacles.
  • Mopping and sweeping floors regularly.
  • Keeping walking spaces and work areas well lit.
  • Covering chords and floor cables with tubing or baseboard accessories.
  • Modifying floors with mats or abrasive strips to improve particularly treacherous Spaces.

Who is at Fault if I Slip on a Wet Surface?

The measures listed above can often dictate the blame attached to a wet surface trip.

If the blame is shared among the injured party and the employer or public space owner, any compensation is likely to be impacted.

The speed and execution of your actions in the immediate aftermath of a wet surface accident can be hugely impactful.

Are you eligible for compensation?

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I Slipped on a Wet Surface – What Should I do?

If you suffer an injury because of a wet surface, you should:

Seek medical care – the claimant’s health must take priority. Assess the injury and seek appropriate attention from a medical professional. If the injury is serious, contact an ambulance immediately. In the event of a minor injury, it is still recommended you go to A&E or to your local GP for an evaluation.

File a report – let a member of staff know about your wet floor trip as soon as possible. If your accident happens in the workplace, report the incident to your employer. If there is an accident report form available in the vicinity, ensure it is filled out.

Find witnesses – if anyone observed your wet surface accident, try to attain their contact details. If you end up seeking a claim, their testimony could be useful.

Record/Document the incident as best you can – find out if there are CCTV cameras with footage of your slip, trip or fall. Photograph the area and any spills or hazardous obstacles that may have impacted your injury.

Contact a personal injury solicitor – if you feel your injury constitutes a wet surface trip that was not your fault, get in touch with a solicitor for guidance. If you wish to seek a claim, a public place accident claims solicitor will assess the potential for compensation. Note that there every case is different and there is no guarantee of financial compensation.

When a public liability accident occurs, the injured party’s immediate response is critical.

Investigations are usually carried out to determine:

  • The cause and extent of the accident.
  • The adequacy of appropriate warnings, i.e. wet floor signs.
  • The main source of the blame – is the claimant partly at fault or were they prudent and reasonable in their actions?

Ensuring your actions are fast, informed and decisive can help your potential for a successful claim. There is no fixed amount in place for how much compensation you are owed for a wet surface trip.

Common Injuries from Wet Floor Accidents

Some injuries that can arise from a wet surface trip are:

  • Fractured and dislocated joints.
  • Tendon and ligament damage.
  • Shoulder dislocation and knee injuries.
  • In rare cases, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage.

Can I Claim for a Wet Surface Trip in Ireland?

Baxter Mimnagh Solicitors have offices in Longford, Dublin and Sligo, and can offer helpful guidance on wet surface claims in and around each of those areas. Their expert advisers offer vast experience with personal injury claims.

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