Whenever you face any medical emergency, the first thing which would come to your mind is getting it treated by a professional medical practitioner. But sometimes, instead of solving your problem, they may cause further problems due to their negligence during your treatment. In such a case, you can claim compensation from them.

What Is Professional Negligence?

Professional negligence is said to have occurred when a professional does not perform their professional duties diligently as per the defined standard. Due to such negligence, the patient might have suffered a financial or physical injury. Medical negligence compensation can be claimed from a person considered an expert in their field. There must be a loss if you want to claim such compensation, and this loss can be expressed in terms of money. All the expenses incurred by you for the treatment of the loss can be included in the compensation claim.

Ways to Prove Medical Negligence in Ireland

Proving that medical negligence has occurred is not easy, and you need to have valid proof with you that can help you establish your claim. Here are some of the ways to maximise your medical negligence claim amount.

  • Have a valid agreement that proves that there exists a doctor-patient relationship- In order to prove that medical negligence has occurred, you need to have valid proof. This proof should illustrate the existing doctor-patient relationship between you and your medical practitioner. If the doctor-patient relationship does not exist, you are not eligible to make a medical negligence claim. The appointment receipt you get when you visit the doctor can be used to prove that you visited the doctor for your treatment. If you have received a message confirming the appointment, you can use that as proof too.
  • Collect all the treatment receipts, medication bills and hospital bills-  While filing a claim, make sure you have all the valid proof that states that you have gone through the treatment process for any injury you faced due to medical negligence of the doctor. For this, you can show surgery bills, hospitalization bills, medication expenses, other payment receipts and any other treatment proof you have. Check the date and doctor’s signatures are on those bills and receipts, as this will help you file your claim efficiently and quickly. Also, check that the dates mentioned on these receipts are correct.
  • Hire an experienced personal injury solicitor- Handing the claim process yourself without seeking any professional help can be costly and might not help you get the desired results. To avoid this, make sure you hire an experienced personal injury solicitor, Longford having some of the best. Their expert knowledge and experience in handling medical negligence claim cases will help. A solicitor will help you collect valid evidence related to your claim and represent your case in a way that increases your chances of getting your medical negligence claim quickly. Make sure you choose the best solicitor with a good track record and the potential to overcome difficult situations arising during the case.
  • Include other expenses-  Along with your medical expenses, make sure you include any other expenses you have incurred while dealing with the injury. These expenses include travel expenses you have paid for visiting medical professionals for further treatment, mental issues, work loss or wage loss as a result of being unable to go to work due to injury. Make sure you have some valid proof of these expenses or losses.

Summing Up

The steps above will help you prove that medical negligence has occurred, and will also help you calculate your claim amount. Make sure you have a legal adviser to help you during the claim process. The solicitor you choose should be experienced and knowledgeable, and they should have the ability to face any challenges that arise when you file the case. Discuss the complete details with them so they can suggest effective remedies to get your claim faster. Make sure you discuss the document requirements with the solicitor you have hired for the case.

How We Can Help

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